Kimpton CC - Kimpton Hundred

K100: The Kimpton Hundred

A 100 ball, 8 players a team competition for Village based teams (rules below), played for the Bryan Poole Memorial Trophy. There are four teams: Rugby Rockets, Tennis Thunder, Boot Bashers, Coaching Clubbers (Coaches and Parents from the All Stars and Dynamos). They will all play each other in a simple round robin, followed by a Grand Final. Suggested donation of £40 a team per game.

2022 Fixtures and Results

 Date  Teams  Result 
Wednesday 08/06/2022  Tennis Thunder v Rugby Rockets  Rained off
Wednesday 15/06/2021  Coaching Clubbers v Boot Bashes  Boot Bashers 159, Coaching Clubbers 103 all out 
Wednesday 22/06/2021  Boot Bashers v Rugby Rockets   Rockets Win
Wednesday 29/06/2021  Tennis Thunder v Coaching Clubbers  Clubbers Concede
Wednesday 06/07/2021
 Rugby Rockets v Coaching Clubbers
 Clubbers Concede
Wednesday 13/07/2021
 Boot Bashers v Tennis Thunder  Thunder Concede

Wednesday 27/07/2021
  Grand Final: Rugby Rockets v Boot Bashers   

Match Rules.

  1. Team shall consist of 8 people subject to the rule 2) below. 8 wickets must fall for a team to be all out. The last wicket will play on the last man standing rules. They can only be run out at the keeper’s end but must return to that end and can only score 2, 4 or 6.
  2. If team has 4 players who are any combination of: 15 or under, 50 or over, or Women. Then the team will be allowed a 9th player, but this will invalidate the last man standing rules.
  3. A pink or white ball will be used.
  4. The game shall consist of 20 5 ball overs. Two overs will be bowled consecutively from one end to minimise end changes and speed up the game. In the first 19 overs wides and no balls will not be re-bowled and there will be a 2 run penalty. In the 20th over they will be rebowled.
  5. No player may bowl more than 4 overs.
  6. 2 overs can be bowled consecutively from the same end by one bowler. 
  7. Batsman must retire at 30. They can return in order of retirement if the rest of their team is out.
  8. Players should bowl if they can, but if they cannot slow throws will be allowed. 
  9. Teams should have distinct identities, but any individual may play for more than one team in the competition, though, not in the same game!
  10. Players should be 13 or over (ECB Regulation).
  11. To play in the final you must have played for that team in an earlier round. The final will be contested by the two teams with the most wins any ties decided by Net Run Rate

2021 Results

 Date  Teams  Result 
Tuesday 08/06/2021   Rugby Rockets v Coaching Clubbers  Rockets Win: Clubbers 142 off 100 ball, Rockets 144 from 96
Wednesday 09/06/2021   Tennis Thunder v Boot Bashers  Bashers Win: Thunder 117 from 100 balls, Bashers 118 from 83
Wednesday 16/06/2021   Boot Bashers v Coaching Clubbers  Bashers Win: Bashers 170 for 3, Clubbers 119 for 3. 
Wednesday 23/06/2021   Coaching Clubbers v Tennis Thunder  Thunder Win: Clubbers 133 for 4, Thunder 135 for 7 from 98!
Wednesday 30/06/2021
  Rugby Rockets v Boot Bashers
 Rockets Win: Bashers 105 off 100 balls, Rockets 106 for 7 off 97
Wednesday 14/07/2021
  Tennis Thunder v Rugby Rockets  Rockets Win: Thunder 52 all out. Rockets 53 for 1 off 50. 

Wednesday 04/08/2021
   Grand Final  Rockets Win