Kimpton CC News story

Sandon Strollers vs Kimpton

18 Jul 2021

Man of the match was certainly Zahid for finding not one but three last minute players, all of whom could most certainly actually play, which is always a bonus. This was after the change of venue and covid put paid to our original plans. Picturesque ground on a perfect day, we took to the field but had some difficulty locating the strip, being the same colour green as everything else. We persuaded Sav not to get in his car and drive off, even though it became quickly clear the ball was bouncing off a decent delivery the way that petanque balls don't, and Cam was wondering what he'd let himself in for as wicky.

Nick and Zahid were parsimonious as openers, just 30 off the opening 11 overs, and time for our first debutant Vaneet to come on and take a wicket with his first ball, which is the standard we expect at Kimpton. More trouble for Sandon, two bowled off the pads and two crazy run outs, they were already flagging as astro specialist Cooke tried to make a game of it by avoiding bowling at the stumps. Second debutant Jai also looked an extremely good prospect in what was becoming obvious was not going to be a great test of our legendary mettle, and with Sav also tight the oppo could only manage 76 runs, extras their second highest scorer, which is no comment whatsoever on the standard of wicket keeping. Definitely not. Smart catches from Nick and Vaneet, who finished on 4 wickets, a quick tea and back out for what, one way or another, probably wasn't going to take very long.

Jacob decided he was going to get his moneys worth though, taking 15 balls to get off the mark with a single before accelerating with carefree abandon for his second scoring shot, a two off his 28th ball. Another debutant Luke obviously had more pressing matters as opener before being cleaned up by a straight one to bring in Dan, who looked in good touch to build a partnership with Jacob, putting on 35 runs and getting us more than halfway home. Our final debutant Jack was also not hanging about, hitting some big shots after a scratchy start, full Captain Caveman mode (has that confused our younger chaps?) the pity being that chasing such a low total he didn't get the chance to get past 31 not out, and Cameron, Nick and Zahid weren't required at all. Truth was even on a very low and slow pitch we could have chased a much bigger score, but skipper Cam did well to get everyone contributing in the circumstances. The scorebook was completed by yours truly with an acceptable margin of error (lost a run somewhere but the Chairman hasn't spotted it yet, dont tell him Pike), an early finish and a pleasant if short day.