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KCC Presidents Day 20/20 Match Report

07 Jul 2021

Awful weather forecast for our annual Presidents Day, but we are nothing at Kimpton if not deludedly optimistic and after an expert inspection of the astro (used that joke last week. Ed) we elected to give it a biff, all present and accounted for at 1pm. Or would have been, if Thommo and Westy had been capable of remembering who was playing for their team, despite having spent all week discussing and negotiating the sides. Long story short, the opposing side of Legends were told no, you can't have Nick, and the Presidents took to the field in hope over expectation of limiting a strong batting lineup of legends to a sporting total.

Good start from Dan Cotton batting, but that rarest thing a failure from Glinks brought in Dan Nicol to steady us down, and in typical style Stuart and Oli supported well to get us to 96 off just 12 overs, Will Barford and Sav the only bowlers to slow the scoring. Stuart responded well to getting a friendly ping from Nick, smearing the next delivery for 4 and rolling back the pounds (surely years? Ed.)

Legends were then relatively becalmed until Adam 'can you play for us next week' Levine joined this writer for a fun final 3 overs. 'if you practised a bit and took it seriously, you could actually be quite a mediocre cricketer' was the chairmans advice from behind the stumps, but undeterred we set 136 as the target. Will had the best economy of the bowlers, Sav not far behind, Westy picking up 3 wickets all caught at long on (not srs.)Note, for 20 years we have all been told my Chris that its about 'economy', these days its 'complicated' and that sometimes its about wickets instead..

Couple of beers, back out and a solid opening stand from Cameron and Ben Robinson, both retiring at 25 to give Kimpton a great platform. Spectacular run out from Dan of the chairman (wont be needing you rest of the year Dan..) and a great catch off the ultimate steepler by Mike Curry to take Sauarabh, the game was afoot with some batting of dubious quality to come. Will Barford got Kimpton on track (MoTM in all honesty) but a little behind the rate. 

By this point I think we all felt this was going to be a close one, as the occasion demands, the crowd were both beside themselves with excitement. Stuart took a misfield by myself off his own bowling in good spirit, (is this right? Ed) and we were then treated to the cameo to end them all.. Robbie stroking a 4, at the age of 78, to the calypso beat of Dreadlock Holiday, music provided by Andy Barford and a moment we'll all remember. 

Robbie had also fielded for both sides for an agreed 10 overs, before being substituted. As the substitute turned out to be Westy himself, Kimptons only ever winner of a golden toilet, you wont be that surprised that we asked for Robbie back..

Good support from Ralph and Tom Nicol bowling, Nick and young Charles Thompson esq were left with a tough 30 to get off the last three overs, which turned to just 5 off the last over, Kimptons form man proving just a little too good for the legends in the end, across the line with just three balls to spare. 

Incredibly lucky with the weather, the astro once again allowed a game that I think would surely otherwise have been postponed, a proper advert for Kimpton cricket, somehow now 2-1 in favour of the Presidents XI under the new 20/20 format. Having to present the trophy twice, once at the ground and once at the pub, through gritted teeth, is surely cruel and unusual punishment. We are  looking forward to evening it up next year..this time, against essentially the Kimpton first choice XI, we'll claim the moral victory.